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On behalf of the men and women of the Warrick County Prosecutor’s Office, welcome to our website.

Our office is located in the Warrick County Judicial Center in Boonville, Indiana, with the courts and the Office of the Clerk. This location allows our offices to be fully integrated and efficient in delivering prosecution services to the public.

We have created this website to further support our commitment to being accessible to the citizens we serve. The site is designed to answer your questions about the role and responsibilities of the Prosecutor and to serve as a resource for victims, law enforcement officers and citizens of Warrick County.

Where I Stand

“The duty of a prosecutor is to seek justice, not merely to convict.”
ABA Standards Relating to the Prosecution Function and Defense Function, §1.1(c) (1970)

What does Justice mean?

  • The guilty are held accountable
  • The innocent are protected from unwarranted harm
  • All participants are treated with respect for their rights

How will the Prosecutor’s Office get this job done?

  • Screen and charge based on merit without regard
    to politics or conviction statistics
  • Maximize delivery of services to law enforcement and Courts
  • Represent victims with compassion
  • Strong and consistent prosecution of violent criminals
  • Prosecution of all who prey on crime victims, particularly children
  • Aggressive collection of support for Warrick County children


JoAnn Jacob Krantz
Prosecutor, Second Judicial Circuit
Warrick County, Indiana

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